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CRM refers to managing a company’s relations and interaction with its prospective customers. It enables a company to approach its customer and maintain a systematic customer record. CRM plus helps you to manage your customers in most methodical, innovative and flexible way possible.

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CRM refers to managing a company’s relations and interaction with its prospective customers. It enables a company to approach its customer and maintain a systematic customer record. CRM plus helps you to manage your customers in most methodical, innovative and flexible way possible.

Customer is the king pin the market. The whole company revolves around its customer just like the planets revolve around the sun. Customer is centre of any organization, and to heed them is, obviously, the company’s top priority. This is where CRM plus comes into picture.

CRM PLUS delivers a fully transformed, personalized user experience that is riveting, inviting and perceptive. CRM PLUS blends the straightforward simplicity, mobility and social aspects of a consumer app with the business process optimization of conventional CRM. Recognized by leading market analysts as a CRM visionary and innovator, CRM PLUS is employed by more than 1.5M individuals in over 120 countries and 26 languages.

Customer relation

Customer relations interacts with the public to gain and retain customers.

Enhance business

On time call shooting and report of all the activities. Effective time management and ease in working.

Sales activities track

Keep tabs on all sales activities regarding your business and strengthen your business accordingly.

our features


CRM Plus contains a rich collection of applications and solutions that extend Sugar functionality and integrate with your enterprise environment, including solutions for:

  • Search: – In case you are in a hurry and you need to search for a customer, you can enter only 5 digits of the customer’s number and get their complete details.
  • Mobile tracker: – This feature helps you locate the DND status of any person.
  • Free Trial: – We provide free trials for CRM plus. Try it, use it and then decide.
  • Follow up: – This is just like a reminder. When you call someone, and he asks you to call back the next day, you enter this status into the follow up bar and the next day, you will be notified about it.
  • Messenger: – This feature allows you to communicate with your customer by dropping a simple and quick message to him/ her.
  • Timeline: – This feature keeps you updated about the customer’s activities. A great feature to track your customer’s activities.
  • Report: – This feature enables you to prepare your customer’s report.
  • Configuration: – This is the skeleton of CRM. It enables you to manage settings of your CRM. feature to track your customer’s activities.


Here you can see the dashboard which represents a day overview in an organized & elaborated way. It also shows Monthly and weekly revenue as well with Today’s call ,Timeline & Team Target .You can also change or modify your profile by the help of administrator tab.CRM is having its own clock on the dashboard.Here you also get notification about timeline and today’s calls


This window represents the LEAD section where you can add the leads.It has a feature where you can keep the status of new leads with date & time with lead source where pop up will work as a reminder.This section also contains the information about the trader’s profile and its experience of trading.


This one is the key feature in the CRM from where you can send Messages regarding bank details,tips. It has a feature of creating message templates . You can customize it with required prefix for ex:- commodity, equity, forex, NCE.


Timeline is for internal communication between users. A very crucial feature in order to provide ease to users where you can see the entire communication established with the various users.You can also send messages according to the service displayed aside.


This window represents reports in sorted & sophisticated way. Here you can also have a look on performance & attendance status along with Service & Billing report.


This is the most crucial aspect in CRM. A section that manages the complete functionalities of CRM.You can also make some changes in CRM by the help of these options. Permission is most special part of configuration in which you can give or deny permission ,also you can change segment that are commonly viewed as services.

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  • Everything you need to manage your customers, prospects and sales

Get started with a Free Trial today! CRM PLUS offers the most innovative, flexible and affordable CRM in the market and delivers the best all-around value of any CRM. Experience CRM PLUS’s innovative user experience and powerful features for yourself! Start a free trial of CRM PLUS and see how we can help you transform your business and make every customer interaction extraordinary.

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Education CRM

Education CRM is a software developed in order to catalyze the mangement of admission services for third party.

Education crm is so commodious,affordable and pliable.The super cool feature of Education CRM is that you can delete,allot and transfer the leads.

While developing this software we kept various aspects in our mind that can enhance each & every activity that third party involves with ease.

We have divided this software in to various phases on the basis employees involvement.


It represents the overview summary of the system. It keeps the track of the enquiries, converted enquiries, along with revenue generated from the respective ones. It involves very clear presentation for the follow-ups, tasks, & a very crucial timeline feature to keep the eye on on going activities.


Enquiry section contains various enquiry aspects like: add enquiry, today's follow up contains the view for enquiries & forwarded enquiries.


This section includes the list of all converted enquries defining all the attributes like owner name, contact number, student name, etc.


This section keeps the track of approved invoices.

Brokerage CRM

Brokerage CRM is a management system for stock brokerage firms regarding their zones, branches, revenue, employees and leads.

Our brokerage CRM is different and unique from normal brokerage CRM in several ways. In the first place, we provide CRM system for brokerage firms as well as stock advisory firms. This brokerage CRM works on a pre-defined protocol beginning with super admin. He keeps records of all the zones and branches that are concerned with the firm. Then comes lead generator who induces people to join the firm, those are are interested are then transfered to the sales department. Their job is to communicate with potentional client and if the response is positive, then pass it on the KYC who in return transfers it to DMAT to carry the process further.

Other than these, there are various departments like Risk management services, Human resource which primarily deals with employee grievances and complaints, and then comes the most important customer care. Our customer care field in CRM in our USP. We have a system with quick response to customer complaints. Our admin even monitors the cleint complains and checks whether they were solved or not. One more unique feature of our CRM is that we provide a system that links the NSE, BSE and SEBI data of investors with CRM. This feature is present only in our CRM. Further, each department has their own dashboard depending upon the extent of authority they have. each department can have its own admin and its own executives. Hence, our CRM is packed with every single feature that is useful to any stock brokerage firm and advisory firm. We have desgined our CRM keeping in mind even the smallest requirements of the brokerage firms.